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Supporting Our Local Community

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

by Hannah Korsmeyer

At Alexa Interiors, community engagement is at the heart of our values. We believe in actively contributing to our local community, whether it's by donating our services for school auctions or contributing financial support to local nonprofits. Please check out our website for the full list of our favorite local nonprofits!

One nonprofit we are proud to support is Resillience1220! Resillience1220 is a dedicated organization that offers invaluable services to young people between the ages of 12 and 20. They provide free counseling sessions, support groups, and engage in community outreach and events aimed at raising awareness about mental health issues. Their team of expert therapists equip young individuals with stress-reduction techniques, tools to seek and offer assistance, a safe space to navigate their belief systems, and a non-judgmental environment to express their emotions.

We are thrilled to announce our 2023 sponsorship of Resilience1220's fall benefit concert! Alexa Interiors is sponsoring this evening of music with the soulful sounds of Dakota Blonde, one of our favorite local bands who happens to have a foundation rooted in music therapy! Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 26th, from 5-9 pm, and prepare to be entertained and inspired!

Entry is $50 and includes a delicious dinner and shaved ice from the mouthwatering Slife's Devil Dogs Food Truck (trust us, it's delicious!) and supports Resillience1220 mission as well.

To learn more about this event and secure your ticket, visit their website here. We encourage you, as fellow members of our tight-knit community, to explore the remarkable work being done by Resillience1220. We look forward to seeing you at the benefit concert, where we can all come together to make a positive impact on the mental well-being of our youth!

-AI xo

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